Join a growing community working toCAPTURE, SHARE, AND RESTORE

Our world's waterways

Observation sparking community action

Water Reporter empowers everyday citizens to take actions that protect and improve water quality in their communities. Members use Water Reporter to organize stream cleanups, propel citizen science campaigns and lead restoration efforts right in their backyards.

Contribute to the common good on the water

Water Reporter members help to build a living record of experiences and conditions on the world's lakes, rivers, and oceans. Their actions create connections among citizens and organizations working toward a common goal: clean water for healthy people and a thriving planet.

A world of discovery, right at your fingertips

Available on iOS, Android and web, the newest version of Water Reporter puts your experiences front and center.

Share your experiences, start conversations, and manage your account — all from the app.

Dive in and explore the report stream, member and organization profiles, nearby locations, and easier reporting.

Acting locally, thinking globally

Imagine tapping into millions of community members working to improve the waterways they love and depend on for healthy living. If your organization is actively involved in monitoring or restoration projects, consider joining Water Reporter for Organizations, a set of services for mobilizing and coordinating volunteer activities in your watershed.

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