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Who Uses Water Reporter?

The Water Reporter platform serves a diverse network of organizations working to protect and improve aquatic ecosystems around the world. Some rally citizens to support laws and policies that defend clean water, while others lead on-the-ground efforts to clean up and restore degraded waterways.

No matter who they are, Water Reporter enables these groups to connect and cultivate effective volunteer bases made up of people willing to roll up their sleeves and do what needs to be done.

Frequent Organization Questions

Q. How does my organization join the Water Reporter restoration network?

First, register for a free account by signing up at Complete your full user profile and send us an email at with a link to your account. From there we'll work with you to gather your organization info, set up your watersheds of interest and give you a system overview.

Q. What do you mean by "report notifications by watershed"?

If someone shares a report from within a watershed in your collection, Water Reporter will send you an email notification about it. You can control the messages that you'd like to receive, so don't worry about a flood in your inbox!

Q. What scale of watershed can I sign up for to receive report notifications?

Our team can assemble your watershed collection based on any combination of 6- to 12-digit hydrologic unit codes defined by the U.S. Geological Survey. (e.g. Upper Illinois (HUC6) > Iroquois (HUC8) > Mud Creek (HUC10) > Whiskey Creek (HUC12)). If you're not sure which basins would be most useful to you, we'll help you create a watershed collection that makes sense based on your organization's territory.

Q. Will I be notified if someone shares a report with my organization?

Yes! To make sure everyone is on the same page, Water Reporter also sends alerts when members comment on reports or mark a report as "resolved". If you close a report and the original poster has enabled notifications in their settings, they'll receive an email letting them know that you took action. Pretty cool, huh?

Q. Can I download reports shared with my organization or watershed?

Yes! We allow organizational users to access reports according to their organization and their watershed(s). The data can be downloaded as a spreadsheet of comma-separated values (CSV) or as a GeoJSON file that includes report comments, status, image links and watershed names (HUC 6 to HUC 12). Did we mention this is an awesome way to gather data for a volunteer stream survey?

Q. What does it mean to mark a report as "resolved"?

Our network of restoration professionals typically mark a report as resolved once they feel they have taken action to address the problem. For example, say a citizen shares a photo of a massive trash dump with the Potomac Riverkeeper Network. Potomac Riverkeeper Network organizes a cleanup, takes a picture of the result, and marks the report as resolved. These simple actions in Water Reporter make it possible to document and share the important on-the-ground work that you do every day. The system stores your resolutions for easy sharing with your members and supporters.

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